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whatevernext96 wrote on Jun 20th 2002, 17:52:53 about


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As the Oxford Dictionary would have it, this word – tally-ho- »is usually regarded as a taboo usage for foxes....«

sara the mac wrote on Apr 26th 2000, 08:35:05 about


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»tally-hoold chap, said the red-coated sportsman to the farmer perched on the seat of his ancient, rusting tractor. »have you seen a fox around here

the farmer wasn't really a farmer, but a member of the anti-blood-sports league in disguise. and his tractor wasn't really a tractor, but a vintage world war II tank. »the unspeakable in search of the uneatable,« he snorted as he cranked the steering wheel hard left, gunned the engine, and flattened the red-coated sportsman.

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