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moira about touch
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carolyn stewart about touch
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roman about touch

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hi about touch

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carolyn stewart about touch

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whatevernext96 wrote on Mar 12th 2002, 16:51:53 about


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'Noli me tangere' – touch me not. Was that meant as an eternal prohibition? It would seem rather odd, coming from One who claimed to represent the deepest forms of love and affection.

quart wrote on May 26th 2005, 17:02:17 about


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reach out and touch someone.

Elaine wrote on Apr 10th 2001, 22:14:34 about


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and yet the need to reach towards the warmth of another soul is more powerful than the protective shadow of excuses

Noah Schumaker wrote on Feb 22nd 2001, 14:53:43 about


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Longing. I long to hold her in my arms. I long to smell her hair. I long to see her eyes. I long to be able to even be in the same room as her! Oh! How I long to be able to taste her kiss! Oh! How I long! How I long to hold her.....

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