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Silberfinger wrote on Dec 31st 2000, 18:47:01 about


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I want your blood.
I feed on the blood of others.
That's how I stay youthful and alive.
Believe in angels?
Then believe in vampires.
Believe in me.
There are worse things on earth.

Grmbl wrote on Aug 24th 2000, 21:44:15 about


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When first I tasted the flesh of the kill
felt the tang of the blood
and the crunch of the bones
I swore that day I would not die

When first I tasted the light of the moon
felt its glow in my womb
and its wild tenderness
I swore that day to walk in night


The Oath of Lilith,
Revelations of the Dark Mother

lilly vellisilly wrote on Mar 3rd 2007, 16:29:05 about


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vampires do exist. the type of vampire that exists in the real world lives on life energy. mostly people don't even realize they are getting sucked dry.

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