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Lori about weak
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Samantha about weak
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dale wrigley about weak

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Hitler about weak

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Tania and Adrian about weak

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Texts to »Weak«

Mazzy wrote on Aug 14th 2000, 16:52:54 about


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Weakness and obesity are not as closely related as some people would like us to believe. There are other forces at play; inertia is far more important than impulse.

rkcba wrote on Nov 11th 2003, 20:08:04 about


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Credulity is the man's weakness, but the child's strength.

Nevermind wrote on Jul 22nd 2000, 17:48:09 about


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i'm not weak
i'm not strong
but i think to be strong you must be weak too
i don't know who i am
i don't know who i wanna be
am i weak or strong at all?

nOvJuL wrote on Apr 5th 2001, 22:00:47 about


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delirious weak – easy to need
don't watch me drool
my friend and honey
we water worship by a lake of sun you would
cry to remember our
cold kisses
sordid though we soar
with spring shine

alistair duncan wrote on Jul 25th 2001, 19:06:15 about


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The admission of weakness is the admission of the complexity of life.

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