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on Dec 11th 2005, 21:12:07, Elm wrote the following about


My first experience with nude exercising was nude running last year. I started out in a nearby forest, at 6 in the morning because I did not want to meet other people on my nude run. At first it felt a bit strange to run naked on paths I had run on many times before, but with my clothes on. But, funnily enough, after several minutes of nude running I had completely forgotten that I was naked and I concentrated on my body and the forest. Usually, of course, I ran dressed and I had always felt very uncomfortable with my T-shirt which was wet from sweat after a couple of minutes. Of course, when you run naked, you don´t have this problem. You just feel the warm air and the sun on your skin and it´s a great feeling. This year, although the summer was not so good it gave me some opportunitites to run naked again and to expand my range.

One day it started to rain heavily when I was running but even that was no problem because the rain was warm and again there was no sticky T-shirt or wet running pants. The only things I wear when I run nude are of course my running shoes and socks.

Just a few days ago I started to do naked yoga. Again, it felt funny the first couple minutes, but then it felt completely natural. I have practised yoga on and off for many years already and I started regular exercising six or seven weeks ago on my holidays in Egypt. There was a young Russian teacher who offered stretching courses every day, and it turned out, the course actually was about yoga. I have never understood the difference between yoga and stretching, but who cares about these labels?

When I practise nude yoga, I feel much more in connection with my body reactions. For example, when I am sweating during certain exercises or my breathing gets heavy, I feel it much more directly than when exercising with my clothes on.

To summarize, I like to be naked and I have made experiences with nude exercising that have made me richer. However, I don´t see naked exercising as a political statement. I would never do it in public (other than in a nudist camp) and I believe the people who fight for the right to be nude in public have not understood that you need certain rules in a society. Most people in our culture do not like the sight of nude people in public, and so we should respect that.

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