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Mc Bird about hobby
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Mc Bird wrote on Apr 13th 2006, 14:20:19 about


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An essay about hobbies: Your life would be much more fulfilled if you had a hobby!” My friend told me resolutely as we were talking about the everydayness of our life. “No, thanks,” I answered, “there is no kind of hobby I would go for.” She advised me to take things more seriously and started proposing a catalogue of various options. I stopped her when she came to “building matchstick-models”. She left me looking offended.
I tried to get rid of the hobby idea. In vain! The subject seemed to occur everywhere. People talked and papers wrote about. Ads invited me to join spare time activity centres. But I couldn’t make up my mind. Then, all of a sudden I caught an eye opener that read: “Do you want to improve in written English? Start writing essays! Enrol now!” Eureka, I thought, this will be my hobby. I enlisted without hesitating and here I am

pmg wrote on Nov 19th 2004, 10:39:01 about


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Philately is the hobby of collecting stamps.

Stamps provided tiny colorful windows to distant and exotic lands.

They are also windows to the past.

Mc Bird wrote on Jul 17th 2007, 13:40:18 about


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Sorry, Im not able to contribute anything to the Hobby topic. Not only that I don’t have a hobby, Im also a member of the NHPL (No Hobbies Please League) which was founded in 1911 as a refuge for people who opposed the so calledHobby-Movement”. Today the NHLP has clubs in 111 countries and a membership of 651.043.
I joined the NHLP ten years ago, when I got tired to discuss theHobby-topic”.

Meanwhile the NHLP Club has become my favourite pastime place.
I like being there, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere where only one rule has to be cared to: Not to mention mention anything connected withHobby

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