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Mazzy about shaved
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The Lad about shaved

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Ladderman391 about shaved

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tollkirsch about shaved

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Mazzy wrote on Dec 15th 2000, 15:55:31 about


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Sporting records sometimes shave a few tiny fractions of a second off the time taken to complete a particular endeavour. In real life, however, little can be done with these parings of time. Take your foot of the accelerator (or ease off the gas if you prefer) you won't be able to recycle that time into anything meaningful at the other end of the journey. Practise a smoother, faster method of unlocking your front door instead if you really must.

whatevernext96 wrote on Sep 23rd 2001, 13:46:10 about


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As a child, I learnt that – to the Almighty – 'a thousand years is but an evening gone'. So, I guess He is almost certainly not in the business of shaving seconds off minutes, months off years, years off millennia....Now I come to think of it, from His numerous heavily bearded 'portraits', He's not in the business of shaving at all...

tollkirsch wrote on Jan 8th 2001, 20:17:37 about


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a pussy thats shaved is heaven on earth

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