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Groggy groove about train
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haki about train
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on Dec 6th 2005, 23:37:39 wrote
haki about train

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rimmer wrote on Apr 23rd 2001, 04:35:04 about


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A sleeping car on a train across central Europe – this is the sexiest form of travel.

Brock wrote on Nov 6th 2004, 17:57:29 about


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To teach an animal tricks or obedience.

Nicole wrote on Jul 28th 2002, 09:49:48 about


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I took a train ride once; my dad put a penny on the track for me to have as a keepsake. I don't think you are supposed to do that anymore...

Dragan wrote on Apr 14th 2000, 01:34:41 about


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Train is the most comfortable way of traveling. And also the most interesting because all kinds of people drive by train. It's mostly dependant on day's time I think. Very early in the mornings there are lots of suits. A bit later lazy students and people without work occupy the trains. Around high-noon until maybe 14:00, older people travel and at 16:00 the suits ride home. After that there is a bit of a mixture, but as soon as the clock shows 20:00, really strange people sometimes carrying strange equipment, are the train's kings.

domandologo wrote on Jun 13th 2005, 17:19:15 about


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Long train rides to get somewhere are really about the traveling itself. Who are your companions on this journey. How is the trip changing you? Do you like the scenery?

Isabel wrote on Nov 10th 2004, 21:48:40 about


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The worst place to say »good bye« must be the train station... The one you love stares out of the window and you are standing outside, not able to admit that you are so close to him but actually so far away already. And then the terrible noise of the train which starts to move: slowly, sad and hungry to see you cry. It gets faster and faster – you try to run beside the window where he's sitting behind but while you are running you already know that you will be the loser... Then you stop! Now you are at that point where you don't realise who you are and why you are standing here. The noise of the train station is far away and you are just looking at that last waggon that gets smaller and smaller – you there, alone, not ready to accept the situation...

ike wrote on Apr 22nd 2000, 02:00:38 about


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while his train of though is still at the boarding station, mine has completed a round trip.

whatevernext96 wrote on Dec 6th 2001, 14:28:27 about


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I regret never having had a long train to my wedding dress – with beautifully dressed and chosen bridesmaids holding it.

whatevernext96 wrote on Nov 24th 2003, 20:18:18 about


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Strange to remember that – long before man had shot into space or landed on the moon (did he?!) – distances to the planets and stars were calculated in terms of how long it would take to get there by train....Otherwise known as 'The Divine Express'....

x wrote on Aug 8th 2000, 22:52:27 about


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»when love comes to town / i'm gonna jump that train«

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