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Josip about Nintendo

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Darkwing Duck wrote on Feb 12th 2004, 08:13:11 about


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Nintendo has experienced a slow but inexorable decline in both mind- and marketshare. Nintendo wrote: Be safe, make it look like a static. Nintendo said GameCube sales fell below forecast Optimistic forecasts dashed. Nintendo was quickly on. Nintendo had changed the previous »free-market« set up of the industry with the inclusion of something called a »key. Nintendo created the GameCube with the purpose of realizing. Nintendo born adventure. Nintendo went on to bundle in a portable version of Tetris with its then-new Game Boy system, which went on to become the best-selling game system. Nintendo should Have done the GBA. Nintendo died for your sins« instead of »Bandai is fing their fans«? Nintendo is sitting on several franchises that have a huge amount of online potential: F-Zero, Mario Kart, Mario Golf, Animal Crossing and more. Nintendo has temporarily halted production of its GameCube consoles until the autumn. Nintendo wrote: Be safe, make it look like a static. Nintendo said to post here for help with Mega Man. Nintendo was accused of price fixing. Nintendo had no serious competition, allowing Nintendo to strong-arm and bully retailers into restricting stock and fixing prices. Nintendo created the GameCube with the purpose of realizing. Nintendo went the extra.

Su Jefe wrote on Oct 12th 2003, 09:46:57 about


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Googlism for: nintendo

nintendo is fun stuff
nintendo is making it real hard to be a fan
nintendo is still alive
nintendo is evil
nintendo is doing new things
nintendo is approaching
nintendo is right on the button
nintendo is the source of all grief
nintendo is the source of all evil
nintendo is the king
nintendo is e
nintendo is at it again
nintendo is the best
nintendo is big on pasta
nintendo is hiring"
nintendo is ahead of the
nintendo is just for kids right?
nintendo is the last true console maker
nintendo is next
nintendo is 4 you
nintendo is in need of help
nintendo is getting some more games halo 2 and project gotham racing 2 are official
nintendo is doing new things as you know nintendo has released resident evil
nintendo is right on the button reported by gareth holden nintendo has finalised the design of the gamecube controller
nintendo is relaunching its
nintendo is going for sony gamers with game cube
nintendo is taking a smack
nintendo is the source of all grief in life jawsh buyaar
nintendo is keeping the gamecube price in europe
nintendo is loosing 180 dollars perconsole
nintendo is behind in the curve
nintendo is back samedi 15 septembre 2001
nintendo is super
nintendo is making a step in the right direction
nintendo is not dead
nintendo is hiring"
nintendo is keeping up
nintendo is known and loved through out
nintendo is ahead of the competition
nintendo is just for kids right? add new reply
nintendo is going to strap big ass tv's on people and attach gameboys to their groins and have them go out to concerts and
nintendo is moving away from the prevailing trend of increasingly complex games to what yamauchi calls »simple and fun« entertainment
nintendo is the bomb
nintendo is making an effort to get the price of the
nintendo is the best video game/console makers but there are a lot of ps2 and x
nintendo is showing interest in the license
nintendo is known for great gaming and our first priority is to continue that legacy
nintendo is one of the biggest consle business in the world
nintendo is airing
nintendo is notoriously tight
nintendo is declining comment on the lawsuit
nintendo is
nintendo is 'seeding' creative marketing
nintendo is very specific as to the correct and incorrect ways of spelling the new system's name and abbreviations
nintendo is by far one of the greatest video game systems of all time
nintendo is the second installment in nintendo's home console lineup
nintendo is two second parties poorer
nintendo is better than the playstation by
nintendo is stunting them incredibly
nintendo is on its deathbed; an omen that nintendo will build up a ton of hype
nintendo is using the popularity of the game boy to help the company build momentum in the game console market
nintendo is introducing a brand new color
nintendo is a »kiddy« company
nintendo is different from the others is that we're not a company that tries to change image based on hype
nintendo is not taking this lying down
nintendo is eigenaar van verschillende domeinnamen en zal van tijd tot tijd nieuwe sites toevoegen
nintendo is heading
nintendo is sure to remain the videogame maker of choice for the elementary school set
nintendo is one of the companies i've always wanted to work with
nintendo is for kids? not any more folks
nintendo is making
nintendo is doing a promo with heiniken
nintendo is now
nintendo is committed to offering our players the best games and the best price
nintendo is partnered with matsushita
nintendo is also considering this for the n64
nintendo is not sexist
nintendo is facing a
nintendo is expanding their billion
nintendo is trying to transform video game character kirby into a marketable icon
nintendo is enemy against the video game consumer
nintendo is © nintendo inc
nintendo is forever trapped in the dungeon of the pop
nintendo is my favorite system
nintendo is won't win
nintendo is showing at e3 this year
nintendo is far and away the top game developer in the business
nintendo is the latest japanese company to set up share buyback plans to boost management flexibility by holding all or part of the re
nintendo is back by popular demand?this time with a new logo
nintendo is a valid licensee and participating member in the entertainment
nintendo is trying to fail
nintendo is engaged in a fierce three
nintendo is recruiting an army of people to look animated while playing computer games all day long all summer
nintendo is hiding something
nintendo is hiring

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