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Dortessa wrote on Sep 13th 2002, 01:59:38 about


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Martin Luther Kings Death

While organizing the poor people's campaign, king went to Memphis, Tenn. , to support a strike of black GARBAGEMAN. There on April 4, 1968, king was shot and killed. James Earl Ray, a white drifter and escaped convict, pleaded guilty to the crime in March 1969 and was sentenced to 99 years in prison. King was buried in South View Cemetery in Atlanta. His body was later moved near Ebenezer Baptist church. King's assassination produced immediate shock, grief, and anger. Blacks rioted in more than 100 cities. A few months later, congress passed the civil rights act of 1968. In 1980, an area including king's birthplace, church, and burial place became the Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site. In 1983, congress passed a federal holiday honoring king. The day is celebrated on the thrid Monday in January. In 1991, the National Civil Rights museum opened at the site of king's assassination in Memphis.

cliffy wrote on Sep 11th 2002, 08:06:05 about


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Have you ever had to thoroughly clean out a garbage disposal, I mean reach in through the puckered black rubber thing and scoop out all the earthy sludge that gets lodged up underneath it?

This has got to be the next-closest thing to horse proctology and it made it really clear to me that I want nothing to do with that line of work.

elfboi wrote on Sep 12th 2002, 05:32:31 about


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Garbage is not only the same thing as rubbish or waste, but also a very interesting band who made some very good songs.
Besides, Shirley Manson, the singer of Garbage, is very sexy. She's rather androgynous, and I really like androgynous people.

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