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Cooper wrote on Apr 26th 2000, 04:05:58 about


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mmm, the interweb, the world wide net. »i'm having trouble with my internet« as many people who call me at work say..."

Alvar wrote on Apr 11th 2000, 06:56:27 about


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Do you know that the internet is more then the graphical representation in your web browser?

Many old internet users say, that the net was much more better at the time there were no eCommerce Companies ...

Threader wrote on Aug 23rd 2001, 06:46:38 about


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Someday, the Internet (or some successor) may link people without need for external computers – a blessing and a menace.

venus wrote on Apr 27th 2003, 08:54:48 about


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There is an abundance of information on the internet regarding the subject of female supremacy. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of sites which are fetish-oriented, and do not address the subject in terms of reality. Many things are taken out of context because of this.

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