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quetzalcoatl wrote on Mar 4th 2001, 03:11:37 about


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In American politics, aconservative is someone who wants to preserve existing evils. A liberal is someone who wants to replace them with new ones.

the old pirate wrote on Mar 6th 2001, 14:03:47 about


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A Republican wants to spend your money on himself, as distinguished from a Democrat, who wants to spend your money on his friends.

no_id wrote on Sep 23rd 2001, 17:07:02 about


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i know this is not a message board but i just couldn't resist.

successful brainwash. get a life, mate, before you get too scary.

on Jan 17th 2001, 15:14:50, RunningHoove wrote the following about
The peace-loving environmentalist Republicans are people who are sentenced to death, spat upon, cursed at, hated-by, spurned, chastised, hexed, and unfairly treated by left-wing hippie nazis who claim to love all people, but in reality curse those Republicans, those with alternative world-changing ideas, and wish upon us damnation.

Republicans are truly the most caring people, responsible God fearing people who made America what it is. The Democrats hate the Republican. The Republican loves the democrat for we do not hate anyone. The democrat calls the Republican (ass seen above in this website) »assholes« while we freedom-loving, no-government control Republicans, humbly turn the other cheek.

Throughout history, Republicans have asked for less government control and more freedom over our own lives while the name-calling democrat seeks to destroy the very fabric of our great society known as America. The Democrat is a greedy race of soul-less atheistic robots, programmed to think en-masse as one murderous army of politically-correct, thought police. Yes, bit brother is here. There are millions of them. They are called Democrats. Democrats call Republicans »assholes,« yet wish you to believe they are intelligent and peace-loving.

Democrats are double-talkers, liars, cheats, criminal rapists, child-murderers, paranoid, human-hating pagan-idol worshipers and pornographic AIDS-infected adult-video stars liberally spreading chaos and adulterous scandals across the land. This is reality. Look at our liberal President Clinton, who is this man but a married child molester having his penis put inside a young womans mouth, pleasuring himself in the Washington DC white-house while pushing his Arkansas-backward nazi liberal democratic agenda with children starving for food across America. Who's the real asshole?

Please do not listen to those who call Republicans »assholesfor that remark comes from a democrat who is like all other freedom-hating yuppie-hippie democrats who force their narrow-minded outlook on all others with opposing views.

Republicans are the energy and vitality of all that is light and good in America, lovers of peace and fairness for all mankind, including those yet unborn. Democrats are the opposite of everything you love, respect and appreciate in life. Democrats choose to call Republicans »assholesa testament to the liberal witch-burner’s character. Rather than ignorant name-calling, we Republicans choose to call the democrat simply, mislead & uninformed robots.

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