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on Nov 29th 2007, 07:44:30, ruecker42 wrote the following about


I did it, yes I did...
And I did it, yes.

The nucleus, the energy, the power, you are the source.
Oh come, come, be one to exist.
The nucleus, the energy, the power, you are the source.
We are one, be one to exist.

Bright, brilliant,
notes to my senses,
reaction, action, stop!
I may not react...

don't possess me,
cover me,
loving me.
The rhythm of life passing by above me
and below you – Braintickets, pink source, die!

I crash, you crash, why?
Must make them understand,
why above me, why above them?

I cried out loud
and you don't believe me,
but he does believe me.
Did you hear me touch you with my eyes, feel you with my eyes?
Come, I'll catch the wet,
Listen – don't listen!
Stay – go!

The shadow of a sprinter, reflecting the seat,
a face, a mind, people part,
an army of thoughts retreating towards oblivion,
a square of light,
a circle of thought,
a triangle of nothing...
A head, four legs, seven sisters,
what for?
Where do they go?
Bury them in black sand...
And our glass of hope, trickling...
The tides have left their mark and wasted an ideal.
Too fast, too fast, stop.
Motionless to motionless,
see the red eyes glinting,
bleating like sheep,
coughing like pigs,
why don't they stop talking?
They're fighting, I can feel them fighting,
I can feel them fighting, no, no, no.
Too late, no applause,
just the thunder of a peace,
testimoning priest clothed in rags and tatters
gathering his misbelieves, Mister ten percent.
Rainbows exploding from the heavens purple blue light,
green, red, violet, soft indigo,
caressing shades of marical jello
into mixing with flowing oranges...
The colour of my souls,
the components of my dreams...
I do exist, me, Peggy, I exist!
Truth, lies, believe me, don't belive me, yes!
Symbols of me, scattered,
searching, ever lasting,
passed in the mist of hidden truth.
Sex? Of course he loves sex,
you have no choice,
come, our moves to your move,
side to your side,
Communication breakdown between you and you.
Give me the reason to burst out loud,
ravel on geronimo.
Tex, doctor, can't you tell?
Loud, loud, loud,
loud and clear I shout.
Voices, soft, sink low,
still to listen,
oh darkness oh darkness.

Brainticket, brainticket, brainticket ...

... communication breakdown between you and you...
Two shadows, it becomes one before the sun goes down.
Come to my fair, the rides and slides of roundabout locks my life, stands out in relief.
Mesmerized I drop the staircase up and down the weekend and I grow really with the breaking of the waves.

Are you glad I'm here?
You didn't seem to be.
If you know do I go
I have to come
I want an answer
and you're leaving tomorrow.
Explanation, exclamation, you know,
emotion of some kind.
Are you glad?
But baby, are you sure you're glad?
You don't sound like it,
the same endless story,
now I'm gonna hear the truth for a change,
god, I wish you'd tell me,
just simply tell me,
Oh, it's all right, it's all right...
it's not all right, don't give me that,
it's not allright.
It's not all right, it's so wrong,
I wrote it on your mirror,
don't you remember?
Circling, revolving, involving me in hatred,
that's allright
it's all right, it's all right
Slowly slowly, cool it, it's not on
Something's missing, find it, find it,
don't let it go,
don't let it slip away,
But they told me he's gonna be all right
he told me, didn't he, you heard him, didn't you?
Me, Arthur, A. R. T. H. U. R. you are,
you are what?
Come on, tell me what you are:
The nucleus, the energy, the power,
all right, all right, all right,
you are the source, you are, aren't you?
Realize the source...
All right, all right,
give me a break, get off my back,
I want to be alone, alone alone, alone, alone ...
... but not this alone.
All right, all right,
all right, all right,
all right, all right,
all right, all right,
all right, all right,
it was our last chance ...
all right, all right,
all right, all right
goodbye, all right
all right, all right

(Dawn Muir on Brainticket, 1971)

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